A Word from the President

“I am very happy to take the presidency of this association.

The Gala has become an essential event in the year at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Bringing together nearly 4500 people, it remains unforgettable for graduates who celebrate their entry into the workforce, for parents, alumni and students come to share this moment of exception and emotion.

With a know-how of 20 years, the Gala is an association specialized in events which federates the network alumni of the school composed of more than 40 000 professionals.

The 75 members prepare this project together for 1 year and spend a lot of time there. It is the cohesion, the professionalism and the spirit of innovation that we all share, which contribute every year to make this event a success.

As a partner, the Gala offers you an important communication space not only for current students but also for the alumni network of the school.

Concerned about respect for the environment, we want the 2020 gala to be part of a more eco-friendly approach. We are putting in place different actions to achieve this. We also seek to develop our commitment to sustainable development through our partnerships.

See you on January 25th for the 21st edition! “

Alexandre Musset

President of the association Le Gala