The Board

The Board is in charge of supervising the overall event organization. It oversees the entire process and delegates tasks to other committees as required.

The External Communication Committee

The External Communication Committee is charged with promoting and communicating on the event. The committee uses all visual means of communication (posters, brochures, etc.). It also manages the website and social media accounts.

The Partnerships Committee

The Partnerships Committee is in charge of partnerships, which includes obtaining funds or discounted services in exchange for marketing spots during the event.

The Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of other committees. The committee takes into consideration everyone’s needs in order to organize the entire event.

The Graduation Committee

The Graduation Committee organizes the graduation ceremony. The ceremony is one of the most important moments for a GEM student. It has to be an unforgettable experience. The committee works hard to ensure a lively and fun ceremony that runs smoothly.

The Music Committee

The Music Committee is in charge of booking the artists (DJs) for the party. The committee also organizes and plans the artists’ trip to Grenoble.

The Decoration Committee

The Decoration Committee selects and creates the decorations for the Gala based on the theme picked by all members of the association. All decorative work is carried out in collaboration with an external contractor in order to prepare the party rooms (main scene and bars) and dinner hall.

The Dinner Committee

The Dinner Committee organizes the post-ceremony dinner for graduates, and their friends and family. By choosing the menu and wine with great care, this committee ensures the dinner is the most delicious moment of the event.

The Purchases Committee

The Purchases Committee is in charge of soliciting champagne houses in order to choose the right one and purchase sufficient quantities for the Gala celebration!

The Fashion Show Committee

After soliciting several boutiques in Grenoble, the Fashion Show Committee organizes two fashion shows which take place at the beginning of the party. The fashion models are GEM students.

The Get Ready Committee

Thanks to the Get Ready Committee, students have access to a beauty and relaxation afternoon at an affordable price. It’s the chance to relax before dressing up and celebrating all night. For more information, please click on this committee’s tab.

The Ambiance Committee

The Team Motivation Committee (or Ambiance Committee) has the important task of motivating and bringing together all members of the association. In order for this event to be organized in the best way possible, we have to have great team spirit! The committee is in charge of organizing not only events for association members but also the Galadays just before the Gala.