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Registrations open mid-December.

A personalized link will be sent to your email address to register.

You will be able to register a maximum of four guests (one registration allows for 5 people, including the graduate. For security matters, we can’t accept more guests).

Cancellation policy: No refund after cancellation.

Below are the prices for each ticket package for the graduate and his/her guests :

Package Graduate Guest
Class Red Silver Gold Red Silver Gold
Graduation ceremony X X X X X X
Cocktail X X X X X X
Dinner X X
The party X X X X
Price Free 35€ 70€ 10€ 45€ 80€

All children over 6 years of age are considered guests and must therefore pay for the package of their choice.

Children under 16 are welcome but must be under the supervision of their parents the whole time. Please note that alcohol will be served during the cocktail, dinner and party. We do not provide any child/baby care service.
No pets allowed.

We will offer a cloakroom in Alpexpo and GEM. We assume no liability for loss of items so please, keep any valuable items with you.

The cost of the evening for GEM students is 35€  and a link to the Lydia platform will be available on the Facebook group Admis GEM, at the beginning of January.

Each student can bring four external guests. For external guests, the price of the party is €40.