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After the Gala, if you want to be refunded of your money left-over on your card, please follow the following refund process:

1. Create your account on You may find some further information on Comment se créer un compte

2. Register your card with the 7 characters (letters / numbers) printed on the verso

3. Click on “Refund” and select the refund mode. – IBAN : please enter the necessary information – Paypal : follow the different steps by login up with your account (if you do not have one, you may create one) Be aware that the refund request is only possible from January 27th 2020 (8 am) to February 2nd 2020 (8pm). Moreover, some fees will be applied and deducted from the money refund: €0.10 on each refund + 5% of the amount refunded.

4. Click on “Get back”. You will then receive a confirmation email. The amount on your cashless card will be then refunded on your bank or paypal account. Please note that you will be refunded within 3 weeks from Feburary, 2nd. Your cashless card will be deactivated once your refund request is confirmed


Warning: Once the request has been validated, your Cashless card or bracelet is rendered inactive (blocked).
Warning: if your remaining balance contains non-refundable credits, they will be deducted from the total balance.

Warning: from the train station and GEM up to ALPEXPO, anticipate 45 minutes to 1 hour on public transports (tramway) and 30 minutes by car. Uber is not available in Grenoble !
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