Course of the day

GEM Gala

The 22nd anniversary of the GEM Gala will be new and unique. The ceremonies will be filmed and broadcast live on a platform designed for the occasion. We invite you to take advantage of the chat wall to interact with each other. The Executive Education and Doctoral School ceremonies details will be communicated to you shortly.

Bring out your best gala outfit, accompanied by one (or more) glass(es) of champagne to fully enjoy your graduation. As every year, a theme is carefully chosen by the Gala team, because even online, we invite you to enjoy a wonderful day.



Grande Ecole Program

This program is intended for graduates (including High Performance Athletes) of the PGE and IFC programs and the Master Entrepreneur program.

International Programs

This program is for BIB, MIB, MBA and MSc graduates.


This program is for graduates of doctoral programs.

Executive Education

This program is intended for graduates of Executive Education.