FAQ (english)


The registration platform has been open since 1st of March. You have received a personalised email that will redirect you to your registration page. 

Due to government measures in force, the 22nd edition of the GEM Gala will take place 100% remotely. The ceremonies will be broadcast live via a platform from a venue that will remind you of your GEM years, accompanied by artistic entertainment. You will only attend your ceremony. It will be as interactive as possible.

This year, due to the online format, the GEM Gala is free.

To access your ceremony, you will receive an email a few days before the day of the event with a link redirecting you to the platform where the live performances will take place.

Each graduate can invite a maximum of 2 people. Each registration therefore concerns 3 people = 1 graduate + 2 guests. Each guest must enter his or her e-mail address on the registration platform and will receive a connection link a few days before the ceremony.

A personalised link was sent to your email address firstname.surname@grenoble-em.com when the platform open on March, the 1st. Check your junk mail to see if it did not get in there. If it is still not found, write to us at ass-gala@grenoble-em.com, making sure to specify: your surname, first name, year of promotion, student number and a telephone number.

The cameras will not be activated. However, take out your best dress or costume, surround yourself with your loved ones and experience a festive ceremony as if you were there. We have some great surprises in store for you!

Organizing a Gala takes about 1 year. It involves a venue, professional service providers and a large and involved in-house organizing team. Since June 2020, the organizing team has been reflecting on the different alternatives. Our choice was based on the strong wish to never, at any time, risking a possible cancellation of your graduation ceremony by postponing it too late. Beside, we wanted to plan a face-to-face celebration whenever it was possible. Postponing the ceremony to 2022 seemed too late to us to formally convey our “Congratulations” to you. This is why we have chosen to postpone the Gala from January to April 2021; planning an in-person ceremony, which can be transformed into a digital gala at any time, followed by a festive moment if possible in April 2021, or later if health conditions prevent it. This is why we invite you today to a digital ceremony and later, when possible, to a face-to-face great celebration.

The organization of the Gala starts 1 year in advance. During the 6 months prior to the date of the event, the teams are busier and busier. During this period of time, the professional service providers are selected, for the most part, following a call for tenders (therefore with minimum regulatory deadlines). Organizing a gala in the autumn is logistically impossible. Indeed, GEM has chosen to organize the event jointly with Le Gala student association to turn it into a project that brings together the GEM community on D-Day but also during its preparation. It is also a unique opportunity to work and learn together. This is what makes the GEM Gala unique and grandiose. The academic calendar prevents the student team and the staff from being intensely involved between June and October. The students in charge in the Gala Association (now in their 2nd year) will be leaving class in June 2021 for their “Gap Year” and will no longer be here to organize the event during summer. In addition, the new student team entering 2nd year in September 2021 would not be trained if the 2021 Gala was postponed after April/May 2021. They will be in internship during the summer and busy recruiting their new association members in September/October 2021. GEM staff in charge of events will be busy all summer organizing the September-October 2021 Back-to-School events. Note that these months are over-busy for most GEM staff and faculty.

Finally, whereas last June, when we postponed the Gala from January to April 2021, we thought we were almost certain we could organize it with graduates coming in-person. Today we know that there are no certainties about what it will be possible to do in 6 months or even 1 year. The service providers, entertainment professionals themselves, say that committing to the end of 2021 is risky. However, many are suffering from the situation, as they are the first ones wanting to work on live events. Postponing to 2022 seemed too long to us to organize the ceremony. This is why we will meet you in April 2021 online to congratulate you on your success, and again, in-person, as soon as possible, to celebrate it.

Until the beginning of February, we were working on an hybrid in-person & online Gala at the Palais Des Sports with ceremonies split in two during the day to avoid having too many persons at the same time in the venue; as well as a cabaret-style seated cocktail. We had also planned an online broadcast for those who could not be present since 1/3 of the graduates live abroad.

Unfortunately, in the current situation and in view of the health situation not improving, the Palais Des Sports does not have the authorization to open to the public even behind closed doors. We therefore had to find an appropriate solution to offer a remote Gala as if the graduates were there. You will discover a place to welcome you – online- in April 2021 with a show just as incredible as in previous years. Sound, lighting, video production, red carpet and decoration will enlighten this magnificent place.

There has been many debates on the format, date and possible postponements or not of the Gala within the association and among GEM staff and faculty. We did not want to postpone it to 2022 in order to avoid delaying the celebration of those who had already graduated a year ago. A postponement from January 2021 to April 2021 had already been decided in June 2020, as the team expected a better Health situation. If we had done a survey, the answers would have been different depending on the date and country of residency of each respondent, according to external reasons (country, vaccinations, confinement, expectations…). Consulting, therefore seemed to us like a bad idea. More than anything, we did not wish to promise what we could not offer and give hope without being able to satisfy you.

You have received on April 9th and 10th an email with a link for you to connect. You just need to click on this link to access the live event.

For any other questions, please visit our website: https://gem-gala.fr/. If you still can’t find answers to your questions, please contact ass-gala@grenoble-em.com. Please include your first name, last name, student number and program.

We will answer you within 48 hours (working days).