Gala is an association of 80 close-knit members who work all year long to organize the graduation day of the graduating classes from Grenoble École de Management.

This day is marked by several highlights: the four graduation ceremonies and the cocktail party (as well as a dinner and a party that have been canceled this year due to the health situation). During this exceptional day, we hope to promote best Grenoble Ecole de management values and its commitment towards its students throughout their lives.

Gala is an innovative and professional association in which togetherness, commitment and solidarity are at the forefront.

We also organise other events within the school, starting with the memorable party “la Bodega”, a ticket party based on the theme of the Bayonne festivities or the Gala Days, which is the week of promotion of the event and of our partners during which competitions and activities are offered.


The CRM department is made up of two members, a manager and an assistant. For the Gala, the CRM department is in charge of creating and monitoring the registration platform for graduates and their guests. The CRM department also manages the event’s mailbox and finally the two members of the department manage a team of 6 to 8 people for the reception on the day.

The treasury department is responsible for monitoring the budget for the entire event. This starts before the event with the establishment of a provisional budget. Then they work with the different departments on the estimates and/or calls for tender. And finally, there is the establishing of the actual budget after the event.

The purchasing department is in charge of soliciting wine merchants and champagne suppliers for the Gala. It is also in charge of cocktail creation and beverage logistics. In view of the current sanitary requirements, the department is doing its best to present a high-quality cocktail party to graduates and their families.

The communication department manages the association’s website and social media platforms. They inform you of all the terms and conditions of the GEM Gala and answer all your questions before and after the event. Passionate about digital communication, the department modernizes the image of the association in order to adapt to a generation that has grown up on digital channels. They have revamped the Instagram account and the website. They design the visual works that highlight the association and the GEM Gala (posters, short films) and maintain the link with the alumni group of the association’s alumni.

The Gala’s decoration department is in charge of managing everything concerning the decoration of the event as well as acquiring goodies for the members of the association. First of all, the proposed themes are submitted to the vote of the members of the association and the theme changes every year. Then, the decoration department is in charge of writing calls for tender and managing quotes with the service providers. The week before D-day, they are in charge of setting up the decoration at the Palais des Sports and GEM. This year, Covid-19 has made their task even more difficult and has caused a delay in the publication of the call for tenders, forcing them to carry out their meetings virtually.

During the Gala event, two parades are held to liven up the day. The department’s main goal is to find exceptional boutiques to show what the Grenoble region has to offer. This year, members of the fashion show contacted alumni from MSc Fashion, Design & Luxury Management who have launched their own line of fashion clothing and accessories.

The Get Ready department organizes the preparation of graduates for the Gala. From hairdressing to manicures, all providers are solicited to satisfy the students. Before the Gala, we also offer evening wear: dresses and suits. Finally, we will distribute cosmetic goodies to the students.

The Gala Agency is a real event agency that organizes events for individuals from GEM or Grenoble. It takes advantage of the Gala’s expertise to meet the demand of its future customers. To face the health crisis, the Gala Agency thinks about the organization of events that meet the constraints of social distancing.

For more information: https://gem-gala.fr/fr/vous-etes-une-entreprise/

The role of this department is to ensure the cohesion of all 80 members of the association. To this end, it manages the organization of numerous events such as integration weekends and the presentation of the Gala partners. The department also produces a monthly in-house newsletter to inform all members about the progress of projects.

This year, the logistics department is working twice as hard for this special and unprecedented anniversary of the GEM Gala to make it the most spectacular event of the year! After a difficult start due to the health crisis, the department has picked up the pace and moved the project forward, with the help of all the association’s departments. Coordination of the departments, calls for tender, technical meetings and planning, the logistics department does not waste a minute in order to be able to offer you a celebratory moment full of surprises!

The artist pole manages the Gala evening entirely. From booking the artists to coordinating the logistics and supporting the DJs, the music department ensures that the evening and the artists’ performances run smoothly, while being ready to adapt to the unexpected.

At the partnership department we are in charge of soliciting companies, small or large, in order to carry out the association’s projects. We solicit in all fields, from mass distribution to the fashion industry, our goal is to conclude lasting partnerships, whether commercial or financial.

Within the Gala, the Ceremonies pole is in charge of the organization and the smooth running of the four ceremonies: Grande Ecole Programs, International Programs, Executive Education and Doctoral School. The members of this department set up the timed planning of each ceremony, the placement of graduates and their families, and manage the organization of the rock contest and the school talent show. Given the current health crisis, the RDD department continues to carry out these activities while adapting the ceremonies to health regulations and digitizing them so that each new graduate can enjoy their day safely, whether they are present on the day or behind their screens.

The gastronomy pole takes care of the catering part of the Gala. This year, unfortunately, we will not have to organise a dinner as in previous years. We have to adapt to the new modalities of the Gala. Our objective is to find the best caterer for the cocktails after the graduation ceremonies. In addition, we also have to approach partner restaurants so that they can accommodate the graduates and their families at affordable prices.